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Pairing(s): David/Star
Other Results: 2 Series
retired story An Unlucky Star by Sarah [PG-13] starstarstarstarhalf star
How did Star become a Lost Girl? Read on.
[Star] David, Laddie, Star
Genres: Angst, Drama
Pairing(s): David/Star
Warnings: Domestic Violence
Series: The Moonlight Series
PG-13 • Completed: No • 9 chapter(s) • Published: 26 Nov 2004 • Updated: 15 Dec 2004 • Word Count: 10581 • Read Count: 26813 • Reviews: 5 • [Report This]

Haunted by Merfilly [PG] starstarstarstarstar
When it's all over, what is there for Michael?
[Lost Boys] David, Michael Emerson, Star
Genres: Angst, Character Reflection, Drabble - Under 500 Words
Pairing(s): David/Michael, David/Star
Warnings: Slash (male/male parings)
Series: None
PG • Completed: Yes • 1 chapter(s) • Published: 22 Apr 2009 • Updated: 22 Apr 2009 • Word Count: 216 • Read Count: 2390 • Reviews: 2 • [Report This]

If only Star had known how much David cared for her. (Mild Violence warning just to be on the safe side)
[David] Star
Genres: None
Pairing(s): David/Star
Warnings: Mild Violence
Series: None
PG-13 • Completed: Yes • 1 chapter(s) • Published: 08 Sep 2007 • Updated: 13 Oct 2007 • Word Count: 762 • Read Count: 2083 • Reviews: 4 • [Report This]

The Bleeding by savagefox [NC-17]
Sometimes things are not what they seem. And at times, what you think is reality is a lie a false awarness in sorts. It's been two years, since the boy's met their fates. Two years where those left behind have moved on.

Everyone has a past the boy's had one before Star . That past is about to make things just a little more real .
[Lost Boys] Alan Frog, David, Dwayne, Edgar Frog, Grandpa, Laddie, Lucy Emerson, Marko, Max, Michael Emerson, OC: Female, OCs: Multiple, Paul, Sam Emerson, Star
Genres: Character Reflection, Drama, Horror, Romance, Supernatural, Suspense
Pairing(s): David/Original Character, David/Star, Dwayne/Original Character, Michael/Star, Paul/Original Character
Warnings: Adult Themes, Blood play, Drug Use, Mild Violence
Series: None
NC-17 • Completed: No • 1 chapter(s) • Published: 27 Jan 2008 • Updated: 27 Jan 2008 • Word Count: 1027 • Read Count: 887 • Reviews: 0 • [Report This]

Sarcastic journal entries for the vampires in the film. Do not expect this to be intelligent or angsty. This are superficial parodies. Fun and no brains. Inspired by Cassandra Claire’s Very Secret Diaries (LotR).
[Lost Boys] David, Dwayne, Laddie, Marko, Max, Michael Emerson, Paul, Star
Genres: Comedy/Parody, Humour
Pairing(s): David/Star, Michael/Star
Warnings: None
Series: None
PG • Completed: Yes • 7 chapter(s) • Published: 27 Nov 2004 • Updated: 10 Nov 2006 • Word Count: 3575 • Read Count: 32288 • Reviews: 37 • [Report This]