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Genres: Poetry
Other Results: 2 Series
Just an idea that popped into my head.*Note: If your just gonna write that this is a bad fic or that this and that would never happen, do not review. I worked hard on this and would like some GOOD praise and I do realise that my grammer sucks, thank-you very much to the people who pointed that out. End Note*
[Paul, Star] David, Dwayne, Laddie, Marko, Paul, Star
Genres: Poetry
Pairing(s): Other
Warnings: Domestic Violence
Series: None
PG-13 • Completed: Yes • 1 chapter(s) • Published: 08 Mar 2009 • Updated: 08 Mar 2009 • Word Count: 1711 • Read Count: 2065 • Reviews: 1 • [Report This]

In these chapters lie the secret pain that is hidden withen Glass that she relives before she rebegins her life as something else.
[Series Branch-Offs/Original Fiction] David, Dwayne, OC: Female, OC: Female, OCs: Multiple, OCs: Multiple
Genres: Angst, Character Reflection, Drama, Holiday - Christmas, Poetry, Supernatural
Pairing(s): None
Warnings: Adult Themes, Character Death, Drug Use, Rape
Series: None
R • Completed: No • 2 chapter(s) • Published: 29 Jan 2009 • Updated: 01 Feb 2009 • Word Count: 827 • Read Count: 1148 • Reviews: 2 • [Report This]

What Star has to say about being an vampire. Its a little cheesy because I have not written for a while
[Lost Cave Stories] Star
Genres: Poetry
Pairing(s): None
Warnings: None
Series: None
PG-13 • Completed: Yes • 1 chapter(s) • Published: 20 Dec 2008 • Updated: 05 Jan 2009 • Word Count: 132 • Read Count: 1744 • Reviews: 1 • [Report This]

A few years ago the boys went up to Oregon for a day to get way from Max. Dwayne had a little rendevou with a church girl and left the next day, leaving somthing behind. Now sixteen years later Ciara and her mother Jean are moving to Santa Carla and Dwayne gets a little surprise.
[Lost Boys] David, Dwayne, Maria, Marko, Max, Michael Emerson, Other, Paul, Sam Emerson
Genres: Angst, Character Reflection, Drama, Lost Cave Story - Real People Feature, Poetry, Supernatural, Suspense
Pairing(s): Michael/Original Character
Warnings: Mild Violence, Racism, Real People Feature - Lost Cave Story
Series: None
NC-17 • Completed: No • 4 chapter(s) • Published: 15 Mar 2009 • Updated: 16 Apr 2009 • Word Count: 6768 • Read Count: 3176 • Reviews: 7 • [Report This]