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In these chapters lie the secret pain that is hidden withen Glass that she relives before she rebegins her life as something else.
[Series Branch-Offs/Original Fiction] David, Dwayne, OC: Female, OC: Female, OCs: Multiple, OCs: Multiple
Genres: Angst, Character Reflection, Drama, Holiday - Christmas, Poetry, Supernatural
Pairing(s): None
Warnings: Adult Themes, Character Death, Drug Use, Rape
Series: None
R • Completed: No • 2 chapter(s) • Published: 29 Jan 2009 • Updated: 01 Feb 2009 • Word Count: 827 • Read Count: 1240 • Reviews: 2 • [Report This]

I'n 1967 a group of girl's went missing on the Oregon coast. Their bodies were not found. While up in Oregon
the boys decide to have a little fun with some girl's in the winter. When in their blood high they forget to burn
them. Years later they return. Their pissed. Their betrayed. And their all still in love. Ain't it funny their out for blood?
[Lost Boys, Series Branch-Offs/Original Fiction] David, Dwayne, Marko, OC: Female, OC: Female, OCs: Multiple, OCs: Multiple, Paul
Genres: Angst, Character Reflection, Drama, Fluff, Humour, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural
Pairing(s): David/Original Character, Dwayne/Original Character, Marko/Original Character, Paul/Original Character
Warnings: Adult Themes, Drug Use, Femme Slash (female/female pairings), Mild Violence, Rape
Series: Falling With No End In Site
R • Completed: No • 6 chapter(s) • Published: 09 Jan 2009 • Updated: 08 Mar 2009 • Word Count: 8984 • Read Count: 9312 • Reviews: 11 • [Report This]