A New Evil

Chapter Three: Welcome


Chapter Three: Welcome

Carrying Star into the house, Drake put her on the sofa and draped a red blanket around her. It was all so perfect; she never had a chance to run. Leaving the necklace behind wasn’t suppose to happen, but it didn’t matter. She was here now and those four boys will never get a chance to see her again.

Looking at her now, he thought again about how beautiful she really was. Life was going to be very interesting with her around.

Star woke up to see a vase of red roses sitting next to her on the table, but where was the man who put them there, and why was she here to begin with? She should be with David and the boys on the boardwalk. Sitting up she saw that she was alone. Looking for a way out, she felt so alone. Using her new vampire powers she sent a message to Paul; he would know what to do. She only hoped he got the message before it was to late.

Walking into the room, Drake saw her sitting up and decided it was time to tell her about himself. Putting a smile on his face he sat next to her and began his tale.

“I grew up in France. It was a beautiful country, and the times i spent as a child playing in the fields behind my house were happy ones. My parents were poor, farming the fields for our supper and selling the rest for a profit. At the age of sixteen, I had a girlfriend; she was exquisite, and our love was special. Her family was rich beyond your wildest dreams, and soon they found out about us. Her father put a stop to our love and made her marry a prestigious boy in the neighborhood. I never saw her again. I lived in misery after that, going to taverns and brothels just to lose myself.

“That’s when I met Max. I understand you know him, so you know he could be very persuasive. Anyway, he knew of my pain and promised to make it better for me. How could I refuse? So going with him, he took me to his loft and offered me this bottle. Thinking it was wine I drank, but you see, my beauty, life had in store for me something grander then plowing fields, and Max brought it to reality.

“As you know, I spent the good portion of my life doing as our kind does. I fed on humans without remorse and loved it for I was immortal, until I went to Ohio and met this young girl. She was special, I knew this, and wanted her power and knowledge. So following her home, I attacked. I didn’t want to kill her; she was to be with me forever, but she fought me and I drank to much. She died three nights later.

“The high counsel heard of this and sent me here, and that’s when I saw you. I knew I had to have you, and so you see, you shall spend eternity with me. We can rule this town and all who dwell here. Will you give me a chance?”

Star could not believe this. All she wanted to do was be with her boys, and get away from this madman. Puting a blank look on her face she sent another message to Paul, telling him she needed them. Her only hope was that he got the message and soon.


Paul sat on the couch next to Marco with his head in his hands. How could he do this? He was suppose to protect her. That’s what he promised David, and know she was gone. They all missed her; the cave seemed empty without her voice to chase the shadows away. He already missed the way she would laugh at his jokes.

Looking at David he could see the pain and fury growing in his friend and tried to say something.

As he stood to go to his friend, Paul fell to the ground. the other boys went to him with concern written on all their faces.

Slowly Paul lifted his head a smile on his beautiful lips. Looking at David, he gave this soft reply. “She’s alive and is requesting our help. What do you say guys? Are the Lost Boys going to revert back to being the way we were and get our own back?”

David was pleased Star was alive and sending signals to Paul. He should have known she would; the two were always close. And now it was time to bring his love home, and get rid of this new evil that has wormed his way into their lives. No one took what was his and lived to tell about it, and David knew just the people who would help in getting Star back.

David replied with a smile of his own and said with his usual sweet voice, “Boys, it’s time to pay a visit to Sam and the Frog Brothers. They owe us one and it’s now time to collect.”