A New Evil

Chapter 1: The Awakening


Chapter 1: The Awakening

The sun was setting on the old rundown warehouse for another night. Drake sat up in his coffin wondering how he came to be in this little resort town and then it hit him, the elders had banished him here because of that girl he killed in Ohio. She was a pretty girl of about sixteen, and was suppose to be a creature like him, but she refused to drink from him, so he killed her. That was when things went wrong, now here he was living in a warehouse and avoiding the local gangs for he was new.

His mind then turned to the gypsy girl he’d seen the night before at the boardwalk, the locals call it. How she shined with her long black hair and deer like eyes ,but when she kissed that blonde boy and climbed on his motorcycle, fury burned inside of him. He knew she noticed him and then ignored him like a piece of paper on the ground. Drake vowed he would see her again, but for know he must feed.


Walking into the comic store Sam could not believe his eyes. He knew the lost boys were back, but never thought they would come in here. Trying to move around the one with long dark hair, Sam flinched when he moved toward him. Even Star was with them, holding onto David with a look of pure lust in her eyes. Micheal really screwed up with her and now she was back where she wanted to be. Edgar was behind the counter watching the boys with wary eyes.

Alan just looked annoyed with the whole thing and Sam decided he would talk with Star, just to see how she was, but he had to deal with David to and he scared the life out of Sam.

“Um Star, I just thought I would come over and say how nice it is to see you again. You look very happy, and if you guys ever want to hang out or something just let me know.”

Before Star could reply, her gaze went to the front of the store. There standing with a sly grin on his face was the man she saw last night. He was looking at her as if he owned her and she pressed herself closer to David for protection. Then to her disbelief he walked in and stood before her.

Looking David over once he snarled, and proceeded to talk with Star,who was uncertain as to why he wanted her.

“I could not help but notice that you seem to be out of place with these boys. Why not come with me and live the life a vampire should live? One of luxury and wealth.”

David had enough of this new force and made it clear that Star was his lifemate and no one else’s. Putting an evil grin on his face David put Star behind him as the other boys put a protective circle around her.

“First of all she is mine. Second this is our town and we don’t like others trying to make it their own. So if you want to live to see another night I suggest you leave and forget about Star.”

Looking over this boy with distaste, Drake smiled and before he left the store looked at Star one more time. He knew she would be his, and he always got what he wants.