A New Beginning

Part 3


Part 3

Paul trudged down the corridor. Every fiber of his being dripping with sadness. He had poured his soul into the air, letting it condense and drip into Caleb’s hands, but she rejected it. Paul knew he couldn’t pursue Caleb, and that is what hurt the vampire the most.

He stopped, leaning heavily against the rock wall. His right arm rested against the rock, pressing hard into it. Paul placed his forehead up against it, looking down at the floor beneath him. He stood there, letting his chest fill up. Finally, the tears built up behind his lids and forced their way out. The salty liquid poured itself down his cheeks, like a raging river.

His sobs echoed through the corridor, reaching David who was sitting at his usual perch. The wheelchair David used as his throne squealed as he turned toward the sound. At first it puzzled him, then he realized what it was. Paul now knew the truth… he could never have Caleb, the only girl he loved.

David stood gracefully, moving swiftly toward the sobbing noise. It grew louder as he neared the rear of the corridor. David walked on, his vision picking up the faint silhouette of Paul in the dim light.

“Paul,” David began, stopping a few feet away from the weeping vampire.

“Now now David,” Paul muttered, his voice quivering with sadness. He wiped his tears on the back of his hands, facing away from David.

“I know how you feel… wanting someone you couldn’t have. I’ve already been there, but there isn’t anything you can do about it. Out situations are similar, but in this case the girl you want belongs to your best friend,” David stated, holding his position. His cerulean eyes fixed on Paul’s back.

Paul turned around, his vamp face visible. The torn vampire breathed heavily. He fumbled with the buckles on his jacket. His crimson and white eyes shined with anger. He started forward, storming past David.

“Just because Star rejected you doesn’t mean you know how I feel,” Paul snarled, walking away.

David growled, turning to his vampire form. He lunged at the vampire. David let his temper show itself… emanating with his leadership superiority. Soon David was in the air, holding Paul by the shoulders. David grabbed Paul’s leather jacket, gripping onto his shoulders tightly. Paul was lifted, kicking and screaming, from the ground. David tightened his death grip upon Paul’s shoulders. The vampire below him squirmed and twisted in David’s grip.

“How dare you,” David started, flying at high speed toward the wall. He didn’t slow his crash course down.

Amy and Caleb walked hand in hand down the entrance to the cave. Caleb leaned heavily against her friend’s shoulder, grateful that she had someone to talk to. Suddenly, a loud cry interrupted her thoughts. Caleb looked over at Amy, her green eyes widening in fear. Caleb and Amy picked up speed, hurrying toward the sound.

As they entered the room, they witnessed the scene going on before them. To Caleb’s horror, David was flying through the air… on a crash course into the wall with Paul dangling underneath him. She watched as Paul squirmed beneath him, trying to get out of David’s vice-like grip. David whizzed past Amy and Caleb, Paul’s foot grazing the crown of Caleb’s head. That’s about how high David was flying.

“David… no,” Caleb screamed, her hands flying to her face. They covered her mouth in horror and fear.

David turned toward the girls, caught off guard. He wasn’t watching where he was going… and slammed into the rock wall. A sickening crack filled the cave, echoing in Caleb’s ears. He and Paul fell to the ground in a heap, landing on top of one another.

Amy ran to David, almost tripping and falling over her own feet. She knelt beside the vampire in fear, disgusted at the site before her. Amy’s hands went to David’s chest, covering his heart. Her chocolate brown eyes shifted to Paul. Blood poured from Paul’s head. The force as David hit the wall was so hard… it broke Paul’s skull. Also, a piece of rock was stuck into Paul’s chest. His breath came out in wet rasps.

Caleb ran to the fallen vampire, tears flowing down her pale cheeks. She threw herself down on the ground next to Paul. Caleb picked up his head, cradling it lovingly in her lap. Paul lifted his hematite eyes to Caleb, reaching up his hand. He placed it on her cheek, smearing his blood across her face. A small smile crossed his face, filled with sadness and pain.

“Paul… oh my love,” Caleb whispered, bringing her face close to his. She rested her cheek on his forehead, her tears dripping onto Paul’s face.

“I’m… okay,” Paul started, pausing to gain his composure. Caleb could see he was fighting the excruciating pain he was in. She could see it reflecting in his eyes.

“I… love… you,” Paul whispered, pausing to take labored breaths between words.

“I love you, too,” Caleb cried, her words coming out in a whisper. One final smile crossed Paul’s lips, bringing relief to the wounded vampire.

Suddenly, Paul’s eyes closed… one last breath escaping his lungs. He went limp in Caleb’s arms. His hand dropped from Caleb’s cheek, slapping against the cave floor. The noise would forever be burned into Caleb’s memory. Caleb cradled the vampire to her chest, rocking back and forth. She was crying hard now, crying for the dead vampire she was cradling. A agonized scream tore itself from Caleb’s throat, filled with so much pain.

“Oh… no,” David uttered, sitting up. He hadn’t hit the wall with much force, for Paul took most of it. Amy’s arms were around his waist, and he pushed her roughly away. His cerulean eyes locked on Paul’s lifeless body.

He watched as Caleb’s eyes shifted to him. She looked directly into his eyes. The pained look tore through David, shaking him to the core. Suddenly, Caleb lurched up from her spot on the ground. She let Paul’s body drop to the floor. Caleb leaped for David, her arms outstretched. Her fingers were curled into claws, ready to tear the flesh from David’s body. A wail escaped her throat. Caleb switched to vamp form, her heavy breathing becoming quite audible. Soon, she was upon David, biting and clawing at his face. Her nails tore into David’s flesh, drawing blood. They scraped across his nose, a deep gash developing.

“How could you… how could you,” Caleb shrieked over and over, the words melting into an agonized chant.

Her green eyes flashed in anger and pain, her tears dropping onto David’s face. They soaked his hair and clothes. David didn’t put up a fight, he let Caleb take out her anger on him. Shame filled every fiber of the vampires body.

Amy stood, walking over to Caleb and David. She reached out her arms, wrapping them around Caleb’s waist. Using her superhuman strength, Amy pulled the shrieking vampire from David’s body. Caleb kicked and screamed, thrashing in Amy’s grasp in protest.

“No, no! Amy, put me down,” Caleb shrieked, still thrashing in Amy’s grip. She was still trying to get to David sitting on the floor, his cerulean eyes locked on his dead friend’s body. Amy held onto her friend’s body, making sure Caleb didn’t get free. If she did, Caleb just might kill David.

Marko took this moment to walk in. Shouts from the main room caught his attention, sparking his curiosity. He followed them, seeing what all the commotion was about. As he entered, he witnessed the scene before him. His eyes landed on Paul’s dead form first. Somewhere in his body, something died when he saw the sight of his dead friend.

Marko flew across the room, hurrying to Paul’s side. When Marko’s hand touched the vampire’s forehead, Paul didn’t respond. Marko realized he was dead… no longer on this plane. His hazel eyes went to Caleb, seeing her crying in the arms of Amy. She looked over, seeing Marko next to Paul’s body.

“Oh… Marko,” Caleb cried, fleeing from Amy’s grasp. Amy was pushed roughly to the ground.

Marko opened his arms to the on coming female. Caleb fell into Marko’s open arms, burying her head in his jacket. She cried, her tears soaking the fabric of Marko’s jacket.

“David… killed Paul,” Caleb whimpered, pulling her head away from Marko’s chest to look into his eyes. They were bloodshot, glassy from all the tears that covered them.

Now, Marko cried with his lover, shedding his tears for his friend. Witnessing the sight of his friends crying together, David let a single tear slip from his eye. He pressed his hand against Paul’s cheek, the skin giving away from the touch. David watched his dead friend with sad cerulean eyes.

Caleb took one last look upon Paul’s body, her eyes filling with even more pain. She tore out of Marko’s grip, pushing the grieving vampire roughly away. Caleb raced out of the cave, scrambling up the tunnel. Marko watched helplessly as Caleb ran. Her cries could be heard from afar, echoing into the dark night.

Gabriel walked the Boardwalk, watching all the happy people around her. Her hematite eyes glowed with anger, the wind ruffling her blonde hair. The black leather jacket hugged her form tight, providing some shelter. Her eyes searched the Boardwalk.

“I will find you… one way or another,” Gabriel thought in her Irish accent, thinking about her mission.

Marko sat on the velvet couch, his hazel eyes focused on the fire before him. Tears still stained his pale cheeks, dripping onto his leather chaps. Paul was his best friend… and the first Lost Boy to befriend him.

*The next night, Marko decided to go back to the Boardwalk. After all, he should want to get familiar with the ocean for the surf contest. He packed a pad of paper, compass, and a watch to time the waves. He was going to find out the patterns for the tide waves.

He shut the door of his beachside house, the one his parents rented before leaving for Chicago. His father had to go on a trip, but they left about a week ago. Marko had no idea when they would be back, but that didn’t bother him in the least.

Marko entered the coffee shop, picking out a single booth in the corner. He slid across the red vinyl seat, sitting next to the window. A waitress in a starched pink uniform made her way over to the table, popping her gum loudly. She pulled a ticket book from her apron pocket, flipping it open.

“What can I get you, love,” the waitress asked, pulling a pen from the bun in her hair. Her violet eyes looked down upon Marko impatiently.

“Uh… the biggest cup of coffee you got,” Marko ordered, looking out the window.

The waitress left, walking back into the kitchen. Marko’s eyes caught his reflection in the glass of the window, then caught something else. Outside, the blonde from the group of bikers walked by the window. He paused, his hematite eyes catching Marko. Marko’s eyes met his. The blonde walked on, disappearing into the darkness. Marko looked back at the paper on the table. His pen scratched across the paper.

“Can I sit down,” a voice called out, above Marko.

Marko’s head snapped up, startled by the voice. The form of the blonde stood before him. The blonde didn’t wait for an invitation, but sat down immediately. He crossed his hands over one another, the pale skin glowing in the fluorescent lights of the coffee shop. His hematite eyes sparkled at Marko.

“I’m Paul,” the blonde offered, putting his hand out for Marko to shake.

“Marko,” Marko replied, shaking Paul’s hand hesitantly. Paul smiled, showing a million white teeth.*

Caleb wandered the beach, not knowing where she was going. She couldn’t hear the ocean over the roar in her head. Her heart raced, the blood throbbing at her temples. Caleb hugged herself tighter as a blast of icy ocean air cut through her.

“This cannot be… Paul cannot be dead,” Caleb thought, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Caleb thought about Paul, his wild hair, hematite eyes, kind nature, and the wildness he set off. She cried harder, not wanting to accept the actions of earlier that night. Caleb stopped in the middle of the beach, the Boardwalk off to her right. She sank to the sand, landing hard on her knees. Caleb lifted her arms to the sky, looking up at the stars that twinkled above her.

“Paul,” Caleb called, her voice coming out in a mournful cry. She cradled her head in her hands, sobbing into them from her position on the sand.

Gabriel walked down the Boardwalk, her left hand skimming across the top of the railing. The wind blew her blonde hair in her face, and she pushed it away impatiently. The ocean crashed off to her left. Suddenly, a sound filled the night, carried by the ocean breeze.

“Paul,” the voice called, sounding mournful.

Gabriel’s head snapped in the direction of the sound. She spied a girl kneeling on the beach, sobbing into her hands. The girl’s red hair covered her face, making it hard for Gabriel to see it. She placed one hand on the railing, hopping over it. Gabriel landed silently in the sand. She made her way to the crying girl.

“Excuse me miss,” Gabriel called out in her Irish accent, raising one hand to the crying female on the sand. The girl lifted her tear stained face to Gabriel, her green eyes filled with pain. Gabriel could see the girl had been crying for quite some time.

“W-who are you,” Caleb asked, facing the blonde female in front of her. She waited impatiently for the girl’s reply.

“My name’s Gabriel. I couldn’t help notice you called out Paul. Do you know him? He sort of looks like me, but only he’s male,” Gabriel explained, squatting before Caleb.

“Yeah… so what of it,” Caleb asked, wiping the tears away from her cheeks. She took a deep breath, trying to calm her thudding heart.

“Well, you see… he’s my brother,” Gabriel explained, training her hematite eyes on the surprised Caleb.