A New Beginning

Part 2


Part 2

*It was going to be the greatest summer in history when a huge surf contest was being held. It would give a grand prize of $500 to its winner, plus a new surf board complete with resin for it.

Marko’s eyes looked over the sign with interest. He had never won any surf contests before, but knew he was a great surfer. He practically lived in the water, practicing everyday after work. His hazel eyes lit up when they came across $500 and the new surf board with resin. It seemed a perfect way to show everyone how good he was.

The new Boardwalk lights shone behind him. They reflected off the plastic casing of the information poster. Marko turned and stared out toward it. The Boardwalk seemed to sparkle in reply. Only three days into it’s grand opening and already the whole California state has packed in.

Marko chuckled slightly. His recently grown out hair blew in the breeze, the blonde curls tickling his face. He walked down the planks of the entrance to the Boardwalk. Above him, the sign reading ‘Santa Carla Boardwalk’ brightly lit the way. It’s neon pink, white, red, and neon green lights cast across his face. Marko urged himself forward.

Passing him was a group of three guys. Their gruff appearance is what caught Marko first. They were known as a notorious gang of bikers that led unruly lifestyles. They were known as ‘The Lost Boys’. The group sparked Marko’s curiosity, drawing his stare unconsciously. They wore leather, black, and all the tough things that you could find. The typical biker gang.

The one leading eyed Marko curiously. His cerulean eyes locking on Marko’s own hazel ones. His blonde, spiky hair blew in the breeze. It was somewhat long in the back. As his gaze met Marko’s, Marko shifted his eyes away. He stuffed his hands into the pockets of his jeans. He turned his back and started in the other direction. Marko could feel their eyes burning into his back. He just ignored it, keeping his head forward as he walked away.*

That was when Marko first saw their Pack. It intrigued him in a way that he couldn’t explain. It was almost as if he was born to join them, but that couldn’t be explained either. It was something strange that Marko didn’t want to explain.

Caleb whimpered beneath Marko. She shifted to her left side, tucking her legs beneath her. Marko gently ran a finger across her forehead. Her forehead felt cool against his lips as he kissed her. She smiled subconsciously at the touch.

“Paul,” she whispered, her hand drifting to her neck. She shifted again, this time facing away from Marko.

Marko sat up straight. He could feel his temper boiling at his veins. Marko’s hazel eyes fixed with anger on Caleb’s sleeping form next to him. Using one hand, he pushed the girl away. She went rolling to the other side of the mattress. Caleb didn’t know anything was going on, for she was too in deep of a sleep to notice.

Marko jumped up and started pacing the room. His blonde hair flipped up every time he turned. He chewed on his right index nail. Marko thought about what this could mean. Maybe Caleb was just dreaming about things the Pack had done and mentioned Paul’s name, or she was secretly in love with him. Marko didn’t want to accept the second thought. He turned and swiftly left the room, leaving Caleb laying on the bed alone.

“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you,” Dwayne softly said, extending his large hand to Selma.

Selma cowered in the shadows, not moving. Her blue eyes watched the silent vampire standing motionlessly before her. Selma felt her heartbeat recede enough to extend her own hand to meet Dwayne’s. As she layed her small hand in his, a smile crossed his face.

“I’m Dwayne, what’s your name,” he asked, not breaking the eye contact he finally made.

“S-Selma,” she stammered, not daring to move another inch toward him. She curled her right hand into a fist and pressed it over her heart.

At Dwayne’s touch, her heart pounded in her ears. Selma felt a little attraction to the taller male before her. She finally smiled, feeling the relief wash over her. A feeling of safety and security mixed with the relief, setting her strained mind at ease. She took two steps forward to Dwayne.

“I’m sorry I ran like that. It’s just… I’m not used to being around other Hispanics,” Selma explained, her head bowing to escape his reaction.

“It’s alright… I completely understand, which is the strange part,” Dwayne admitted, laughing at his joke.

Selma laughed at his joke as well. This one had a sense of humor, not many Hispanics did. It was nice to feel this safe, secure, and happy around another male of the same ethnic background as Selma. A silent sigh escaped her lips, more of a wash of relief. The ball of panic that started to build in her stomach unraveled as each passing second she spent with Dwayne went by. She realized he wasn’t like any other Hispanics she had met before, especially not Rudy.

“So, what are you doing in Santa Carla,” Dwayne asked, his big hand drifting to the small of Selma’s back.

“Uh… it’s a long story,” Selma began, her blue eyes drifting to the ground beneath her. Her long raven hair shielded her face, it also shielded the tears that escaped from her eyes.

Marko sat lounging on the red velvet sofa in the main room of the cage. Laying on his right side with his left hand resting on his knee, Marko rested his head in his right hand propped up on the couch. His anger still boiled at his veins. He took a deep drag off the cigarette in his left hand. The smoke billowed out of his nose and mouth with the same angry movements Marko felt inside. He didn’t usually smoke, but this time called for a cigarette. His hazel eyes were fixed blankly on the firelight, the flames dancing in the reflection of his eyes.

“How could she love Paul,” Marko thought angrily to himself. He didn’t get to finish the thought, for he heard Paul’s wild shouts drifting down from the entrance of the cave.

Marko sat up angrily, the extra smoke quickly blown out of his mouth in frustration. He stabbed out the cigarette on the cave ground. Just as David entered, Marko stood up. David stopped short, his cerulean eyes fixing on Marko in surprise. Paul wasn’t watching where he was going and slammed into his leader behind him. Paul peered around David and widened his eyes in surprise.

“What… things didn’t go like you planned,” Paul asked, laughter ringing in his voice.

“Oh, shut the fuck up asshole,” Marko raged, leaping into the startled vampire’s face.

“Whoa man… what’d I do,” Paul asked, holding up his hands. He backed up a few steps from his angry friend.

“Marko,” David growled, his strong voice penetrating through Marko’s temper.

Marko turned his head slowly toward his leader. His hazel eyes fixed in a trance on David. David shook his head slowly, closing his cerulean eyes. Marko’s upper lip curled back, baring his ivory fangs. With a snarl, he turned away and stormed into the back tunnels of the cave.

Paul opened the door the ‘New Born Room’, where Caleb lay resting. He caught glimpse of the girl sleeping against the wall. The blonde vampire gazed at the sleeping female tenderly. Her fiery hair lay spread out around her head. His trapped love for her threatened to show itself any moment. Before he knew what he was doing, Paul stepped into the room and quietly closed the door behind him. He silently made his way over to Caleb. Paul stood hovering over her, his hematite eyes smiling with delight. Caleb’s eyes slowly opened, feeling someone’s gaze upon her. They set on Paul. She smiled and turned to her right. Marko was gone. She sat up hurriedly, frantically searching the room for Marko.

“Shh,” Paul began, sitting on the bed beside Caleb. “He’s gone.”

“But… why,” Caleb whimpered, the sadness becoming evident in her voice. A blanket of tears built up behind her eyelids. She felt the sadness overcome her once more. “He promised he wouldn’t leave.”

“I know girl, but Marko has some things to work out right now,” Paul explained, resting his hand on her arm. “You’re not alone… I’m here with you.”

“Yeah, you are,” Caleb whispered, her teary gaze locking with Paul’s. She scooted toward the vampire ahead of her. Caleb scooped Paul’s hand up in hers gently. “There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you.”

“There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you, but let me go first,” Paul explained. When Caleb fell silent, he went on. “I love you Caleb, and I never fall in love. Those rare times I do though, the girl is always taken. I must have the worst timing in the world.”

“No, no! You don’t because… I feel the same way,” Caleb admitted, pausing to search for the right words. Paul’s startled gaze fixed upon Caleb’s face with love.

“You do,” Paul whispered, scooting ever so further to Caleb. A pained expression, mixed with pure happiness, crossed his face.

“Yes… I…,” Caleb whispered, her face moving closer to Paul’s.

Their eyes locked upon each other. Caleb’s face was only millimeters away from Paul’s. Both were breathing very heavy. She could feel his breath upon her face, sending tingles up her spine. Paul leaned in and kissed Caleb, finally letting out the pinned up emotions. Caleb, also letting hers out, felt the trapped emotions for Paul come flooding out. The tears that were welled up streamed down her cheeks as she leaned into the kiss. She suddenly pulled away.

“Paul,” she said, standing up and facing the lusting vampire. “I guess we’re going to have to be secretly in love with each other and just leave it at that.”

“What,” Paul said, reaching for Caleb again.

“No,” she yelled, pulling out of his reach. She turned her back to him, talking through clenched teeth. “I died… well the mortal me anyway. And when I did, all feelings for you went with it. Now, I’m going to give Marko my whole heart… because it belongs to him. It always has.”

“No Caleb, don’t do this,” Paul pleaded, standing before Caleb. She held up her hands up and backed away.

Neither noticed the figure hiding in the shadows. Marko, hidden by the door, smiled happily at the thought. So, she loved Paul after all, but was going to give Marko her whole heart because she loved him now. A smile crossed Marko’s cherub face.

“Yes… Paul… I’m sorry,” she whispered, her hand flying to her mouth. Caleb turned and fled from the room, not looking back at the heartbroken vampire behind her.

Amy sat on top of the bluff, the breeze blowing her raven hair behind her. She closed her eyes and leaned back, enjoying the feeling of the sweet air upon her face. A rare smile touched her lips, letting itself free after being pinned up for so long. She dug her fingers into the soft ground beneath her. Grains of dirt caught themselves between her nails, pressing against the skin underneath.

It felt to be alone, after being trapped in that stuffy old cave all the time. The only alone time she had to herself was during the day, in which she spent most of her time sleeping. Amy preferred the night to the day. It’s cool air wrapping itself around the stressed female, helping her forget the strains of being in love with a vampire.

David was the thing Amy valued most in her life. Sure he could be demanding, pigheaded, and sometimes even cruel… Amy loved him just the same. She would never stop loving David. With his cerulean eyes, gentle touch, pale skin, blonde hair, and sexual air to him, David could be considered the most desirable man on the planet… in Amy’s eyes. All vampires had a beauty all their own. Dwayne had his superiority and wisdom, Paul had his wildness and craving for new things, and Marko had his romance and kindness.

Caleb came up behind Amy, silently moving across the top of the bluff. Amy jerked her head around expecting David, but to her dismay it was only Caleb. Not that she didn’t enjoy Caleb’s company, she hoped it would be David. She saw the sad look on Caleb’s face, making it appear droopy.

“Hey girl, what’s up,” Amy asked, reaching up to her friend. Caleb plopped down next to Amy, stirring up the air around them. Amy’s arm went around Caleb’s slender shoulders.

“Well, I’m… torn,” Caleb whispered, looking out at the ocean ahead of her. The salty air whipped her fiery hair into her face. She pushed it away with her pale hands. A single tear slipped down her cheek.

“Um… could you elaborate a little on that,” Amy asked, her chocolate brown eyes looking into Caleb’s own green ones.

“You see, I’m torn between two men. I love both of them very much, but I don’t know who to go to,” Caleb admitted, sighing. She let her head drop into her hands.

“What… are you in love with Paul AND Marko,” Amy asked, stressing the word AND. She looked over at the distressed vampire next to her.

Caleb nodded silently, not uttering a noise. Amy sat back, dumbfounded. She didn’t realize it until now, but Caleb had gotten herself into a serious mess. Amy pulled Caleb into a hug, comforting the trembling vampire. Amy rested her chin of Caleb’s head, a sigh escaped her lips. She watched the angry waves thrash about in the ocean.