A Moonlight Tale



Luna had stopped briefly to eat, shower and change and now came back to her room to continue with the journals. She still wondered who ‘D’ was.

Sunday 31st May 1987

It’s five pm. I’m sitting on the street surrounded by my belongings. Bill kicked me out. I can’t believe it, I’m only a day late with my rent… except can’t pay it today either. Too many nights out with D, rather than working. But Tina, from next door, is six weeks late with hers.

Unfortunately, Bill gets, how do I put this? Bill gets a form of compensation if Tina is late with her rent. He said he would be willing to work out a payment plan with me too, but I couldn’t. I hate doing that with guys I don’t know, let alone someone who lives in the same apartment block as me.

I told him to go to hell. I called him a filthy lecherous old pervert, he in turn called me a dirty whore, and here I am, sitting on the street, waiting for D to arrive and help me figure out what to do.

I wonder what he does all day. He told me that his family is very important to him, and during the day they… talk and bond or something. I’m not too sure. He said something like daytime is family time. It kinda freaked me out. He loves his family, and I can’t bear to even think about mine. But he told me that a family isn’t about who gave birth to who, it’s about support. I just hope D wouldn’t mind being my family for awhile. I have nowhere else to go, and there’s nowhere I’d rather be than with him.

Well, at least Luna was in no doubt about what her mother did for a living. She tried not to dwell on it, it was a long time ago. She told herself this several times, but it didn’t help.

Not when her brain was screaming, A prostitute! My mother was a hooker!


It’s almost ten pm. Come on D, where are you? There are people staring at me, laughing and throwing money.

Monday 1st June 1987

Ok, I’m now settled in my new home, and able to write what happened last night after D arrived. He told me I’d done the right thing when I told Bill where to go, he then went and borrowed a car to transport my stuff to his place. In the car he managed to keep my mind off my problems by playing a game of ‘what it’ about eternal life, it was sweet of him.

Then he said something like, “It’s time you met my boys.”

I blurted out the first thing that came to mind, which was “Oh my god! You’re married!” He laughed at me, which didn’t make me feel any better emotionally, but at least allayed my fears about him being married.

He took me up to a cliff, not the same place he took me to the other days, this part was near the lighthouse. I got scared, you know. It didn’t seem like a place someone could call home, and I must admit that I had visions of him pushing me over the cliff.

He had hold of my wrist, and spoke to me, reassuring me that he wouldn’t hurt me, as he led me down some steps, and over a wooden walkway into a cave. I would have fled, but he was carrying the bag containing this journal, and my only pictures of Nick. I was very scared, this didn’t seem normal at all.

Anyway, a few minutes into the cave, it suddenly opens up to a huge room. There’s a fountain, (it doesn’t work) candles, and oil drums with fires that constantly burn. Ok, it’s not a normal place to call home, but what do I have as a frame of reference? A house containing two alcoholics, one of which beats his wife and children.

Anything could be called home in comparison. D told me that it used to be a very grand hotel, but was built on a fault. A big quake knocked it underground, and now D and his boys live there.

D’s boys turned out to be three other guys about his age. I’m anxious around them, I’m barely comfortable around D, let alone M, P and Dw. One of the gang’s name also begins with a D, so I’ll call him Dw.

At least I’m safe.

I don’t think you are, Mom. Luna thought for no reason, and closed the journal with a snap. The mysterious ‘D’ was playing heavily on her mind. There seemed to be a connection that was on the tip of her tongue. Something about Santa Carla. Nobody ever talked about it, they mentioned it, sure, but nobody talked about it.

What did she know about it? Well, her Dad and Uncle Sam moved there after their parents’ divorce. Her Dad met her Mom, and Uncle Sam met the Frogs, now his business partners. And that was it.

Her Dad met her Mom on the Boardwalk, they fell madly in love and rushed away to elope, and Granny Lucy, her uncles Sam, Edgar and Alan followed quickly, not wanting to settle in Santa Carla.

Why? She didn’t know.

Her stomach growled angrily. What’s your problem, she thought idly. I fed you once today. How can you be hungry? I’ve not eaten that much in days.

However, she decided to go downstairs and fix herself another snack and found her uncle in the kitchen, with much the same idea.

“You hungry?” he asked. “You’ve gotta be, I’m making my famous peanut butter, banana and apple sandwich.”

“With chocolate spread?” she asked, she was the only family member who appreciated Sam’s concoctions.

He looked surprised that she was eating, but said nothing.

“Uncle Sam, tell me about how my parents met,” she said as she got the apples out of the fridge. They had to be ice cold and crunchy or they just weren’t worth it.

“Don’t you ever get tired of this story?” he asked, but continued without waiting for the answer, he knew it already. “Ok. We moved in with Grandpa in Santa Carla after my folks got divorced. Have I mentioned that he didn’t have a TV?”

“Many times.”

“So we went down to the Boardwalk for entertainment. It had a big open air concert almost every night, rides, oh, and a great comic book store, that’s where I met your uncles.”

Luna withheld an impatient sigh. She had heard this many times, and usually found the entire tale entrancing, this time she wanted details she might have missed before. Perhaps a mention of ‘D’.

“Anyway, we were at this concert, this ugly greasy guy was singing. He had chains wrapped around his neck. Eesh!”

Luna smiled politely again.

“And then your mother bounces up. I didn’t notice her, but Mike did, right away. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. She kind of stood out because she was wearing that gypsy skirt of hers and she was pretty, very pretty, and making eyes right back at Mike. I guess it was love at first sight for them.”

“So what happened next?”

“Lu, you know what happened next. She ran off and Mike followed her. He ditched me in the comic book store that belonged to Edgar and Alan. And while that was happening they got talking and he asked her out. A week or so later we all left Santa Carla and they got married.”

“That’s it?” Luna got the feeling there was more to the story that Sam was letting on.

“How many times have you heard this story?” He handed her a sandwich. “You know it better than I do, and I was there!”

“So why did you leave Santa Carla after only a week?” she asked, wondering why the question had never occurred to her before.

“We’ve told you. It wasn’t a nice area.”

“And Uncle Edgar and Alan just came with you?”

“Uh-huh. You know, I think it’s going to be a nice warm afternoon. You wanna go out?”

Luna rolled her eyes, her uncle’s subject change was about as subtle as a sledgehammer. “No. How old are you?”

“Lu, why all the questions? Has something happened?”

“Yeah, my parents died, I just want to know more about them before I came along, is that ok with you?” she snapped—she felt bad for shouting at him and worse about guilt tripping him—but then again, he was hiding something, she could tell.

If he was startled by her outburst, he managed to hide it. “I’m almost thirty-two,” he told her, reaching out to touch her arm.

“And the Frogs are the same age as you?”

“Yeah, Luna, why so interested?”

“I’ve never asked before, I just wanted to get the feel of it. You know, how old you all were at the time, and all.” She counted backwards working out the ages. “So, Mom and Dad were seventeen, and you and Uncle Edgar and Alan were sixteen?”

“Fifteen, almost sixteen,” he corrected. “Yeah.”

“So, Edgar and Alan came with you when you left because they were orphans?”

“What?” He looked confused.

“Uncle Edgar told me that his parents died when he was fifteen, so they came with you when you left because they didn’t have any family to hold them down?”

“Um, yeah,” he agreed. “Yeah, you know my Mom, she loves to mother everyone.”

“So did she adopt them? And who did they live with before, because they were underage?” Luna knew there were too many questions, and her uncle was getting suspicious, but she had to know.

“No, she didn’t adopt them because they turned sixteen not long after we left.” He stared at her quizzically. “Again I ask, why all the questions?”

“I told you, I just want to hear more about my Mom and Dad, I miss them.” Her voice quivered, and she realised she was a long way from being all cried out.

Sam held her while she cried, troubled by her questions.

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