A Moonlight Tale

The Accident

The Accident

“Are you the daughter of Michael and Star Emerson?” The police officer spoke for the third time, Luna stared at him uncomprehendingly. She finally realised that he was expecting her to reply, and nodded.

Her throat was raw from screaming, and her head was pounding so fast she thought it might explode.

“Mom and Dad…” She bit back a fresh assault of tears. “Where are they? They’re late.” She could tell from his face what he was about to say. “They’re never this late, they don’t like the dark,” she continued speaking, it didn’t matter what she said, anything to stop this kindly-looking man delivering the news. He didn’t want to say it anymore than she wanted to hear it, but he managed to interrupt her gently.

“I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, Miss Emerson, but there’s been an accident.”

“So they’re at the hospital. Big deal. Couple of days they’ll be right as rain.” Luna knew this wasn’t the case, but couldn’t seem to stop talking.

“I’m afraid it’s more serious than that,” the second police officer broke in.

“They’re gonna be ok, right?” Luna looked at them hopefully. Their identical expressions were answer enough.

“They’re not, are they? They’re d—” she couldn’t say the word.

The older policeman touched her arm gently. “Is there anyone we can call for you?”

The rest of the evening passed in a haze. The police called Uncle Sam for her, as he was the nearest of her kin. Nancy, the lady from next door came round and held her while she cried, occasionally offering platitudes such as, ‘When the chair becomes empty, you must sit in it’ until Luna felt like jumping up and screaming “I’m fucking sixteen, I don’t want to sit in the god-damned chair. I want my Mommy and Daddy!”

But she didn’t jump up, she didn’t scream, she didn’t yell, she just cuddled closer and cried.

She cried until she fell asleep on the sofa. She woke when Sam appeared. He picked her up and carried her up to her room. For a few brief seconds she though he was her Dad.


“No, Luna,” he replied softly, tucking her into bed. “It’s Sam.”

“Oh.” She turned over and tried to sleep.

She heard her uncle thank Nancy for coming over. She heard Nancy express her condolences. She heard Sam clunking around in the kitchen.

Then she heard him cry, and wished that her hearing wasn’t so perfect.

Eventually the house fell silent but Luna couldn’t sleep. She glanced at her bedside clock, it read 03:57 in red glowing numbers.

Almost four a.m. I’m never gonna be able to get up for school. She thought. Then laughed, who on earth would expect her to go to school? Her parents had just died.

The snort of laughter died in her throat and her stomach swirled. She rushed to the bathroom and threw up as quietly as she could. She leant back against the wall and prayed for her stomach to settle.

Just as her breathing was returning to normal her stomach lurched painfully again. She leant and heaved once more. She got some in her hair, and that thought alone was enough to have her gagging again.

When there was nothing left in her stomach she lay down on the floor, her hot head resting on the cold tiles.

Any minute her mom would come in and help her into bed again, and then she would sit with her, pressing a washcloth to her face until she felt better.

Except her mother would never do that ever again.

“Mommy,” she muttered, the tears trickling down her face once more.

Sam found Luna passed out on the bathroom floor, he carried her back to her room, and sat with her through the night. He wiped her face with a damp washcloth, and wondered what Star and Mike would do.

His thoughts turned, oddly enough, to the events in Santa Carla. It somehow seemed unfair that they could live through that, and then be wiped out by something as every-day as a car crash.

Sam and his family had managed to survive vampires trying to kill them. Except Grandpa and the Frog’s parents. They had refused to leave Santa Carla, refused to be driven out of their life-long homes by a bunch of vampires.

They had accepted their fate when they stayed, and no amount of persuasion could have changed their minds.

Max had died, Star, Laddie and Michael had been released, but the others, the four Lost Boys had lived, and nearly killed them as they fled the murder capital of the world.

Laddie had vanished around his fourteenth birthday, and Sam had a strong suspicion that, if Laddie wasn’t a vampire, he had been killed by one.

Grandpa dead, Laddie missing, Star and Michael dead. Four of them. It wasn’t quite the success story they had hoped for.

He looked at Luna’s sleeping face. So much like Star, except for the colouring. White-blonde hair instead of brown, pale skin instead of the perpetual tan that Star had. Of course Star’s obsession with the sun had come from those months when the sun was an enemy. Luna looked nothing like Michael, but had inherited his temperament. Including his pig-headedness.

He wondered what would happen now. At her age he had fought vampires, and, if not won, survived. But Luna was just a normal girl, she had just lost both her parents at sixteen. Her whole world had just caved in.

He was worried what she would do once she got over the first period of mourning. Right now all she could do was sleep and cry and try and figure out what had just happened. When the news finally settled in, things could go horribly wrong.

Sam was aware of Luna’s strength. He knew her morals would never let her hurt someone, but she had just lost her parents, rational thought would not be the first thing on her mind.

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