A Moonlight Tale



Marko got up to follow Luna.

“Let her go,” David told him, and Marko sat once more. “Let her get her head together.”

Marko looked at David closely. “Is she really safe, or are you playing with her?”

“No, she is safe. I don’t want to kill her,” David admitted. He had watched Luna closely through the whole conversation. The more he saw of her the more differences he found between her and Star. He looked at her and saw his own blue eyes staring back, she moved with more confidence than Star, there was almost an arrogance in the way she moved.

As a human being, he liked her. He would have considered turning her himself if he had just met her and not known who she was.

Luna sat on the cliff, her gaze fixed out on the water but not really seeing anything. She sensed someone next to her and turned to see David.

He sat down next to her. “This is a lot to process,” he said. “I was just wondering if you’d shown any signs of being like us.”

She laughed sharply, and he saw the silvery tracks made my tears on her face. “What signs? I don’t know about vampires. Just what I see on TV.” She rubbed her face. “Though to be honest, I’ve been thinking about it just now.”

“And?” he prodded.

“I’m allergic to garlic, makes me really ill. Silver of any kind brings me out in horrible rash and I don’t tan. My skin burns easily. But I don’t drink blood or fly or whatever other stuff you guys do.”

He hesitantly put a hand on her shoulder, surprised that she didn’t shrug it off.

“I should hate you,” she said. “All of you.”

“But you don’t?”

“No. Aside from being a blood-sucking fiend who wanted to kill me, you seem like a reasonable guy.” She laughed again. “Of course, seem is the key word. What you did to my Mom…”

“It’s what I do, Luna.” He offered no apology.

“Yeah, I know. But…” There just didn’t seem enough words to explain what was going on. She sighed. “Can one of you take me home?”

He got to his feet and offered her his hand. She took it and stood. He led her to his bike.

She paused at her door and turned to him. “It’s invite-only for you guys, right?”

“Yes. Be very careful who you invite in. Once a vampire is invited, he can not only come and go as he pleases, but it also renders you powerless. Crosses won’t work against them,” David replied.

She frowned. “I thought you said I was safe from you guys.”

“We’re not the only reason that Santa Carla is the murder capital of the world.”

“But you won’t hurt me?” she questioned, still anxious.

“No, my boys and I shall protect you as much as we can while you’re here.”

“Why?” she asked, wondering if she was pushing it too far. Perhaps she was, but she was standing inside her doorway now, and if David got angry he couldn’t come in.

“If you are my daughter, I won’t kill you.”

“If not?” She stepped back, further into her room.

“You’re Star’s daughter.” He sighed. “I can’t forgive Star for what she did to my pack, but it’s not your fault.”

“It wasn’t Mr and Mrs Frog’s fault either, or my great-grandpa’s!” she responded.

“You’re going to force me to admit that I like you, aren’t you?” he said, showing a smile that actually made it up to his eyes.

“It’s good to know,” she said, slightly reassured. “But…”

He held up a hand to stop her from continuing. “I think you should get some rest. Think over what has happened. If you need us, we’re on the Boardwalk every night.”

“I think I need space,” she replied flatly.

“You’re leaving?” he questioned.

“No. Not yet anyway… I don’t really want to be around anyone right now,” she explained. “I should hate you. I should hate Marko, but…”

“You’ll say goodbye at least?”

“Yeah, I guess. You’ve got my Mom’s journals, so I’ll have to get them back.” She was a little alarmed at David’s questions. Since when did a vampire start caring what she did, parentage or not?

Little did she know David was asking himself the same question.

Luna spent a few days avoiding the Boardwalk, she only went out during the day. She tried to shake the paranoid feeling that lingered after David had told her that he wasn’t the only nasty roaming the town, but didn’t succeed. In truth, she was too scared to go out.

She bought some books and spent her days reading and wondering why she was still in Santa Carla. She had the answers she needed, she didn’t seem to have a reason to stay. She was scared of the town. She was scared of the Lost Boys, despite their offer to protect her.

She was mad at Marko for lying to her. So mad that she started pacing whenever she thought about him. She was pacing now. She lit a cigarette, disgusted with herself for staying with the habit.

Someone knocked on the door. “Who’s there?” she called suspiciously before opening.

“Marko,” came the reply.

She sighed and opened the door. “I bet David told you to stay away from me.”

He nodded sombrely. “I’ve left you alone for three days. David asked one of us to check on you, make sure you were still in town, and that you were ok. I volunteered.”

“Well,” she replied shortly. “I’m here. I’m ok. Bye.”

He got his foot against the door before she was able to slam it. “Luna…”

“What?” she snapped.

“Can I come in?”

“David said that once you’re invited you can come and go as you please.”

“I was being polite,” he replied.

She sighed, but made no move to shut the door again.

“Can we talk?”

“You lied to me,” she said sadly.

“I had to. I may love you, but they’re my pack. In theory nothing is supposed to take priority over that.”

“In theory?” she asked.

“David forbade me from coming to see you. I still came. And then I found out you were Star’s daughter and I had to protect you.”

“Thanks,” she said sarcastically.

“Look, I didn’t want you to know your father was a killer, and you said that Michael loved you like his own. I didn’t want you to get involved with us, I was going to take you home and then deal with the consequences.”

“The consequences?”

“If you betray your pack the penalty is death,” he replied.

“You would have died for me?” she asked, shaken by his words.

He smiled slightly. “Well, I was hoping I could talk my way out of it…”

She touched his hand. “If I stay with you, my family will never forgive me. If I go, I won’t have you… and I don’t want that.”

“Are you saying—”

“I’m not saying anything,” she interrupted sharply. “Other than I’m confused. I’m fine. Can you go now?”

He didn’t stop her from slamming the door this time.

Luna couldn’t work out whether she was relieved or disappointed.

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