A Moonlight Tale



Paul was humming when Marko entered the cave, on sighting him he stopped. “Marko, where you been, man?”

“Avoiding your singing, man,” he replied, hoping the subject was dropped.

“There’s no need to get personal! I’ve been lonely tonight. David vanished before I was even awake, then Dwayne went to find him, and when I turn around you’ve gone too.” Paul lit a joint.

“I’m sure you found someone to keep you entertained,” Marko said distractedly, his mind still on Luna. There was something about her that reminded him of someone. He couldn’t quite figure it out. He hadn’t meant to approach her, and then he found himself talking to her. And after the first few moments of conversation, he could no longer think of her as a meal, but as… a mate? Had he found his soulmate?

It was a ridiculous notion, thinking that he could be in love after only knowing a girl a few hours, but nonetheless, the thought still lingered.

“Are you freebasing, bud?” Paul asked.

“What? No!” Marko replied vaguely. “Why?”

“Well, I’ve just asked three times if you’d seen Dwayne or David on your travels, but you just didn’t answer. What’s on your mind?”


“You’ve met a girl! Our little Marko has scored!” Paul shouted gleefully, jumping up on the fountain to dance around the edge.

“Shut up!” This was not going the way he wanted. He had wanted to take David to a side, tell him that he had met someone he was considering changing, and let things flow from there.

“What’s she like? Is she hot?” Paul asked. “C’mon tell me about this girl.”

“Yes, Marko. Do tell us about this girl,” David commanded, entering the cave with Dwayne behind him.

The best laid plans… thought Marko wryly. “What’s to tell?” He tried to shrug it off.

“What’s not to? The boy’s been spacing ever since he got back. I think he’s in luuurve!“ Paul interjected.

“Sounds serious. But the answer—before you bother to work up the courage to ask the question—is no. We shall remain a small pack.” David smiled coldly.

“Why?” Marko asked, astounded at David’s unreasonable nature.

“We were quite happy as a small pack. It was a mistake to try to expand,” David replied shortly.

“That was over sixteen years ago!” Marko pleaded. “And you’re the one who chose St—”

“You will not say her name!” David thundered, moving quickly to grab Marko around the neck. “And your insubordination will not be tolerated.”

Marko felt his throat constrict, for reasons other than David’s hands. “Fine!” He managed to say, then shrugged out of David’s hold, and walked to the sleeping quarters in the back of the cave.

Paul opened his mouth to comment, but saw the look on David’s face and wisely shut it once more. Only Dwayne remained impassive.

Luna spent the day trying to add personal touches to her motel room. She didn’t know how long she was going to stay, but she hated the starkness of the walls. She only had a few belongings, but it made it feel more like home.

She threw her jacked over the end of the bed, hung her clothes up and put the picture of her parents by her bed.

She even went out into town and bought a few things, candles mainly, an oil burner shaped like a castle, a few other items to give it a more homey feel.

She also stopped at a payphone. She threw in a couple of dollars worth of change and dialled home.

“Luna?” The panic in her uncle’s voice cut her to the core. He hadn’t even waited for her to speak.

“Yeah. I’m ok,” she replied slowly, finding a lump in her throat.

“Where are you? I’ve been worried sick.”

“I’m ok,” she repeated. “I just needed to get away for awhile.” It wasn’t exactly a lie.

“Get away for awhile?” he repeated incredulously. “You’re only sixteen! You can’t just leave.”

She fought the tears that were threatening to fall. “I had to. And I’m coming back, I promise.”

“Where are you? I’ll come get you,” he said frantically.

“I’m fine. Honestly. But I’m not ready to come home. Not yet. I’ll call you again. I love you.”


“Give my love to Uncle Edgar and Alan,” she said before hanging up.

She walked away, proud of herself for not screaming down the phone to him that he had lied to her. Despite the fact they weren’t really related, despite the fact that he had lied, he was still her uncle, and she loved him. She didn’t want to hurt him until she had things straight in her head. Well, she didn’t want to hurt him anymore that she already had by running away.

Besides, if she’d have said something it might have tipped him off to where she was.

She went shopping to cheer herself up, but it didn’t work. One thought made her smile though: Marko.

Marko left the cave before the others woke up. He was deeply disappointed with David’s reaction to the idea of bringing someone new to the cave. He didn’t want to be around the others. He also didn’t want David—or any of the others—to see Luna. He wouldn’t put it past David to kill the girl, just to ensure that his pack wouldn’t be divided.

It wouldn’t matter that he’d lose Marko’s respect over it. David knew him far too well. Marko would never leave. The Lost Boys were his family, his pack. Blood ties were much stronger than lo—than whatever he was feeling for Luna. It’s just the way things work, he thought sadly.

He was just going to spend a few more nights with Luna. She didn’t look like the type to stick around anyway. She didn’t have that panicked look when she talked about her family. She’d probably just needed to blow off steam, she’d go back to them eventually.

She may well end up hating him if he turned her. She could resent being unable to walk in the daylight, and being away from a family she cared about.

Marko sighed. No matter how many good reasons he came up with, it still hurt that he might lose her.

He chuckled darkly. He’d got it bad for this girl. And to quote Paul, he might well be falling in luuurve with her.

He couldn’t, could he?

He ran his hands through his hair anxiously.

Whether he loved her or not, he was going to protect her. He wouldn’t let David hurt her. He wouldn’t let anyone hurt her.

Notes: Lyrics are from “Overfire” by THC, which is possibly the sexiest song in the world… to me anyway!

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