A Moonlight Tale



Santa Carla was an assault on the senses. Everywhere she looked she saw something new and exciting, people dressed differently here, it was all about style. None of the people she saw on the streets would end up in Vogue or Moi but they had a distinctive style, multi-coloured hair, leather jackets, girls walking around in bikinis.

It was a long way from her home town, where everyone was so nice and… proper that on the rare occasions when there was graffiti, it was spell-checked and grammatically correct. She felt drab and boring next to them. Long blonde ringlets, black trousers and a leather jacket was all very well at home, the leather jacket was positively rebellious, but here… it wasn’t enough.

But now wasn’t the time to consider appearance, she had to find a place to stay, a base to dump her bag, and a place to get some sleep.

She wandered aimlessly at first, just following the flow of human traffic. She was reluctant to ask anyone for help, she was a stranger here and she didn’t know who she could trust not to mug her, or just send her in the wrong direction.

Finally she hailed a cab and asked the driver to take her to a motel, somewhere cheap.

“You want near the Boardwalk, or further away from the tourists?” He asked her.

“Boardwalk please,” she responded without any thought. It was where her mother hung out, it may be a good place to start.

Start what? An inner voice questioned. Start the hunt for your ‘daddy’. The guy who most probably killed your great-grandfather, and your uncles’ parents. He’s probably a million miles from here, Lu.

The voice had a point, but she was here now. It was too late to turn back. She shrugged that thought off, and set about finding herself some food and a room.

Once she had eaten, she took a long hot shower and afterwards flopped down on her bed for some sleep.

She dreamt of Laddie.

He stood before her, as she lay on the bed. He was still fourteen, the age he had been when he disappeared, but as always, he appeared far older than herself, despite the fact that she was sixteen now.

“What do you want?” she demanded.

“What I’ve always wanted. An invite. An invite into your life. It absolutely killed you to share your mother—actually, no it didn’t. It killed me.” He looked at her with dead eyes.


“No! I don’t want to hear, just like you don’t. You come looking for answers, you’ll end up dead, just like your parents, just like me. Just like D and his boys.”

“Laddie, who’s ‘D’?” she asked, certain he knew the answers.

“I am. I’m Laddie. I’m D. It doesn’t matter we’re all dead!” He began to laugh, and as he laughed, his face began to morph into a more feral visage. His teeth became elongated, his face began to pale and his eyes had turned ice blue and were burning with hatred and loathing. His laughter became guttural, not the childlike giggle she had heard moments before.

“Vampire!” she whispered, too scared to say it loudly as she bolted upright in bed, covered in a fine sheen of sweat, her heart pounding.

“God damn it!” She muttered, after catching her breath. She was still shaken and the room was dark now. She didn’t know how long she’d managed to sleep. “Damned vampire stories. Damn the Frogs!” she grouched, trying to soothe her edginess with the venting of anger at innocent people. “Damn the Frogs, damn these journals, it’s too much!”

She made her way slowly to the light and turned it on. She checked her watch, just gone nine, the place was going to come alive around now, cutting lose might be just the thing she needed. She headed to the shower once more.

Outside the window David began to make his exit. He hadn’t known what had compelled him to come here. He had awoken several hours before sunset—which, while not unusual for him, was not normal practice—and been on edge, waiting for the sun to go down.

When the sun finally set, he had left the cave without even waiting for his boys and followed—he wasn’t sure what it was he had followed. Not a scent, more than that, more than instinct. It was strong enough for him not to be able to resist.

He finally came to the motel where this—power—seemed to be emanating from. He had stood by the window, hidden in the shadows, looking through the gauzy curtain. He was surprised that the cause of this had been a mere girl.

He sensed that she was not a slayer, that she was not even aware of the supernatural that lived around her. But she seemed to have power.

She was deep in a dream, occasionally talking aloud, despite his pre-natural hearing he could not make out the words, except for one that may have been ‘Daddy’.

And if that were the case, it probably meant she was just another girl with telekinesis brought on by and abusive family. They were ten a penny in Santa Carla, not worth another thought.

But like all cases, she had to be checked out just in case there was another fiasco like there was with—he checked that thought at the door, best not to dwell.

He went out like this when needed, every few months or so, his senses highly tuned for the paranormal. Paul had once called him the ‘mystical sniffer dog’. David had given him a look that made it clear that derogatory term would not be used again. Secretly he had found it rather funny, but he had to keep his boys in line. They had learnt a lesson the hard way.

He would keep an eye on the girl though, there may be something different about this one.

He edged away from her room, the pulse of someone nearby calling to his most primal sense.

Had he lingered a few moments longer, he may have heard her curse the Frogs, and may or may not have put two and two together.

Luna sang loudly in the shower, trying to drive away the residual images from her dream, unaware of how close she had been to a real vampire.

Half an hour later she was on the Boardwalk, feeling lost in a sea of people. She again felt that she looked too normal. She allowed herself a small smile over that one, by dressing to stand out a mile, you blended in with this crowd.

She wandered closer to the parade of shops, noticing a hair salon. In the window was a picture of a girl with a shaved head, except for two multi-coloured points, shaped like devils horns either side of her head.

Luna gathered her hair up unconsciously, wondering how she would look with her hair like that.

“Don’t do it,” a voice spoke up.

She turned to look at the source of the voice, he was about her height, with hair as long and curly as her own, but a shade or two darker, his eyes were blue, and she had to admit, he was very, very cute.

“Don’t do what?” she asked him, then regretted being conversational. If the history of her family was anything to go by, this was not a town to make friends in.

“You were thinking of cutting your hair. Don’t,” he replied.

“It’s my hair, I’ll do what I damn well want with it!” she retorted, then winced as he made a face ‘fine, whatever’ and pulled back from her. Maybe Santa Carla wasn’t the place to make friends, but it certainly wasn’t the place to make enemies.

“Sorry.” He began to retreat.

“No, wait! I’m sorry. Can we start the conversation again?”

His face lit up. “I’m Marko.” He offered his hand out to her.


“No, Marko, with an ‘o’.”

“Oh,” she said, feeling dim. “I’m Luna.”

“Pleased to meet you, Luna.” He brought her hand to his lips briefly and she blushed. “If you’re new to town, I can give you the guided tour.”

“What makes you think I’m new in town?”

“Oh, you haven’t developed that look, you know, that I’m dying to look different, but in truth I look exactly the same as everyone else look.” He gave her an impish grin, that she couldn’t help returning.

“The look that you have?” she teased, feeling comfortable with his, despite the fact she had met him only moments ago.

“Hey, you just insulted me. That’s not very friendly.”

“Yeah, but you’ll get over it. How about this tour then?”

“It’s pretty extensive, are you sure you’re ready for it?” Without waiting for her response, he pointed to the water. “Ocean.” Then gestured to the area they were standing. “Boardwalk.” He finally pointed to himself. “Marko. Tour over. That’s Santa Carla’s main attractions in a nutshell.”

“You’re a main attraction?” she asked in a mock-disappointed tone, wondering how she had managed to find someone she felt comfortable with in such a short space of time. “Guess I’ll start looking for a better town then.”

“You cut me to the quick. But I’ll forgive you if you ride the roller coaster with me.”


He offered her his arm, and they walked to the coaster.

Notes: I know this time keeping doesn’t follow the previous chapter, please just go with it, there wasn’t time to fit it in before.

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