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Site Update/Overhaul

Well, I have been getting a lot of spam of late and my poor little captcha just isn’t good enough to handle it, so I thought it was about time I updated to WordPress, which I kind of love (and kind of don’t at times).

So, what’s new?  Not much, loads of work behind the scenes, and nobody will notice anything different except the layout has changed moderately.  One thing I’ve gotten rid of is the mailing list FAQ, does anyone even use them any more?

Another thing is, I haven’t watched the third LB movie, and I’m still not sure I can, since LB2 was such a crushing disappointment.  I was wondering, does anyone want to take up this task or provide screen caps, or… well, anything, really?

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Sequel News

Woo-hoo! We have more concrete news on the sequel. Love or loathe the idea, nobody on this site can seem to stop talking about it, so now we finally have some facts to discuss. Go have a look at the forum, particularly this post for what I’ve been told so far.


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Sequel News

Hey all. I hope to be able to bring you more news of the sequel as it comes in. I have more news

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Sequel, Protest and other things

Ok, so the site is experiencing some issues at the moment. I have no idea why, but as we speak I’m working on them. For some reason what is showing up is using the last layout of the site, and lots of things aren’t showing up. This is typical, because today is the day that everything is kicking off.


Yes, everything.

For awhile now, the LostCavers on the forums have been debating fiercely about the upcoming sequel, and if you’ve missed the hoo-har so far, the summary is that the sequel is going to be a straight-to-DVD release about surfing vampires – this bothers us for a number of reasons, the most painful is that vampires in The Lost Boys world cannot touch running water, and now they’re going to be hanging 10?

For more information, I suggest you check out these links:

Basically, the fandom is enraged that Warner Brothers are making a sequel with little or no regard for the original – and the fans. The sequel will be a straight to DVD release, meaning that they want us to buy this, and we are somewhat annoyed that they expect us to buy a movie that essentially is a mockery of the original that we love so much. I’m probably phrasing this badly, so what you really should do is have a look at our lovely Cat Lady express our views eloquently over at YouTube.

Should this get you suitably riled up – and I hope it does, because, yes, it is nice that they’re finally making a sequel, but no, it’s not nice that they don’t really respect us or the original movie – then I suggest you do as much as you can for the cause.

Pimp Cat Lady’s Video.
Sign the petition.
Direct people to The Forums.

We want to be heard.

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